Good morning.

Our growing business has been all about British apples and pears since 1947.

We're still owned and run every day by the same family, father to son, father to son, always shoulder to shoulder. We are proud of being British, passionate about our countryside roots and proud of the family values that have stood us well, while standing the test of time.


Growing Great British.

We grow the finest fruit in Britain and that makes it mighty fine in any language.

We've won many awards to prove our quality credentials, but don't really care for all of that attention.What we really care about is how good our fruit tastes and there is only one person who's opinion we trust when it comes to taste; yours.

If it's good enough for the sophisticated tastes of our discerning British customers, we think that it's good enough for the rest of the planet.


What gets us up every morning?

After nearly seventy years and three generations, we are proudly part of the Hoo Peninsula, Medway towns and Kent community. We know nothing other than growing exceptional British apples and pears. It’s all we think about, to us it’s instinctive.

(Actually, it's a mild obsession.)

An obsession with a clear, twenty year, forward looking vision. Ever wonder why it’s impossible to find a poor quality Goatham’s apple or pear?


What's our secret?

Each of our orchards has unique characteristics that directly affect the taste of our fruit. We enjoy great British weather, crisp and cool with the occasional blast of glorious sunshine. Apples and pears love these conditions, developing very slowly across a remarkably long growing season.

The best things take just a little longer, and this slow ripening process is the secret to producing Goatham’s crunchy, tangy and sweet fruit.


Spot our fruit at ten paces.

Not all apples and pears are created equal, and while Goatham’s apples and pears may at first glance look similar to all others, there are small visual clues to what makes us different. Armed with some basic info we’re confident that you too can become an expert spotter of Goatham’s fruit at a short distance.