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Growing Great British.

Our growing business has been all about British apples and pears since 1947.

From father to son, every day for over 75 years, our family business is growing. We innovate and change but our values always stay the same. We’re a team who pride ourselves on the Goatham’s way, passionate about growing the very best quality British apples and pears. 

British Varieties.

Red, light red, green, blue – (just kidding!) but we grow a delicious variety of British apples and pears for everyone to enjoy.  From the irresistibly zesty crunch of the Braeburn to Zari, a new variety with its red-orange blush; from the ooh-la-la of the Comice to the sweet and juicy Conference – try one today.

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Best Quality.

We set ourselves the highest standards to ensure all of the apples and pears we grow are delivered to you, perfect to the core.  Our starting point is perfection, using data and the latest technology to pip the competition. Handpicked, stored quickly (and carefully), graded expertly. In peak condition from orchard to the supermarket shelf. 

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Welcome to Our Orchards.

Our business starts with our orchards and the health of our trees. Our award-winning team constantly innovates to develop a sustainable approach to caring for over 3 million trees across our 26 farms. Thanks to our embrace of new technology and new innovations we can grow more from less land today making sure the nation gets its five-a-day and more.

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We are working hard to save water, use less energy, recycle waste, encourage wildlife, and nurture fertile soils for us to grow our trees in. From collecting and storing our own rainwater to orchard bee hotels and solar panels on all our buildings.  We also support reducing food miles and supporting British farmers and growers, do your bit and buy British.

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Great taste.

Each year we grow over 450 million crisp, juicy, tasty, healthy, nutritious, refreshing, hydrating, vitamin packed snacks – fruity goodness for everyone to enjoy.  Put one (or more) in your bowl or lunch box, in a pie or tart (as an occasional treat, of course). Whichever way you prefer at whatever time of year we have the variety. The choice is yours.

British Varieties

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Join the family.

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