The Real Goatham's.

The Goatham's quality story begins with trees that are ideally suited to our soils and weather. These carefully chosen trees are meticulously managed to produce exceptional crops, ensuring concentrated flavours and consistently formed fruit.  Every one of the 350 million apples and pears we grow every year meets or exceeds our own exacting standards for consistent shape and skin, crisp flesh and the balance of tanginess and sweetness.

Why not try for yourself?

From the different varieties below, select the perfect fruit to suit your personal taste:


These British apples are ready for picking as early as July. Renowned for their distinctive, sweet flavour, pink blush and for producing a delicate pink juice. They are a real treat, only available for a short time in August.


Exclusive to Goatham’s, Zari is unique in being a summer apple. They always have a clean, classic apple flavour, great juice, a crunchy texture with pale flesh and a pink/red blush to the skin.


Conference pears account for 90% of all British pears, offering an exceptional source of natural sugars, fibre and vitamins A & C. Available from August right through to April each year.


The oldest and best loved of English eating apples, famed for their great flavour and colour. Cox are picked in September and are available through to April.

Royal Gala

British Gala apples are available from September to June. Their natural goodness and sweetness makes them a sure fire winner with children.


Braeburn is one of the most popular British apples, available from October through to May.


A new apple to Britain, Cameos are said to have a hint of citrus about their flavour. Crunchy, sweet, juicy and full of big flavour, they are harvested in October and are available until the end of May.


Rubens has a wonderful medium sweet taste with a fresh hint of melon and a juicy, crunchy texture. Rubens are known to be high in cholesterol busting antioxidants. These apples are picked in late September and are available through to April each year.


The quintessential British cooking apple, available 12 months of the year. Bramleys keep very well because they're naturally low in sugar.


Comice are the sweetest and juiciest of all the pear varieties. Packed with goodness they are picked in early September and available until just after Christmas.


Many people say that Worcester apples taste like strawberries. Worcesters have a very short season, only available in September, and worth grabbing when spotted.


Windsor is a relatively new apple with red stripes over a yellow, gold background. They are well regarded for their crisp, juicy flesh and rich, honey flavour. Harvested in mid September and worth trying when available.


A blend of Conference and Comice, taking the best qualities of both, bursting with juice and are popular with kids for eating and mums for cooking. Concord are available from September through to Christmas.

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