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Our Orchards.

Our orchards are where our business begins, and we are proud of every tree! Based in Kent and Medway, we are constantly innovating, using the latest technology and our decades of expertise to perfect the art of growing sustainable, beautiful British apples and pears for the nation to enjoy.

Nearly 3 million

New fruit trees planted since 2013

150 miles

of new native hedging in our orchards in Kent


Farms cover an area of 1,698 football pitches

More fruit.

We work with passion to feed Britain healthy, delicious, affordable fruit. Every year, we bring in new technology and new innovations to our commercial orchards. This hard work has paid off: we grow more fruit per acre than ever before. With more fruit from less land, we’re able to meet the demands of a growing nation head-on.

Planting trees.

We keep planting and we keep growing. Today, Goatham’s has over 2 million new trees across our 25 farms. Our dedicated, award-winning team work all year long to care for and maintain our commercial orchards. That attention to detail ensures that come harvest time, our delicious apples and pears are in peak condition, ready to be picked, stored, packed, and delivered. We seek perfection. The results speak for themselves.