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Gender Pay Gap.

Gender Pay Gap Report 2022

As a legal entity with more than 250 employees as of the snapshot date of 5 April 2022, AC Goatham & Son Limited is by law required to publish an annual gender pay gap report.

Our values

AC Goatham & Son knows that the success of its business is reflective of the commitment, dedication, and hard work of the team, and pay depends solely on the type of work carried out, how long an employee has worked in the business and individual performance. As one of the leading employers in the top fruit industry we are proud to offer fair pay to all of our team. 

Gender Pay Gap

The gender pay gap measures the difference in earnings between all male and female employees, regardless of their roles or seniority. It is different to equal pay, which concerns the pay men and women receive for carrying out the same or similar roles. The way the government has asked employers to report means that even when pay is equal, there may still be a gender pay gap. 

The gender pay gap is calculated as the difference between men’s and women’s hourly earnings, as a percentage of men’s earnings. 

Our gender pay gap

Mean 14.2%
Median 3.8%

UK gender pay gap (provisional)

Mean 14.9%
Median 13.9%

The mean gender pay gap is the average hourly pay for all men compared with all women across the organisation and is expressed as a percentage, with a positive figure indicating there is a gender pay gap with men earning more than women. 

The median is the middle-paid employee if male and female employees were ranked separately from the lowest to the highest paid, and the median pay gap is the difference between the male median and the female median.

Bonus Pay Gap

Mean -29.1%
Median -25.0%

Female 27.8%
Male 34.4%

Gender Pay by Quartiles

As part of the reporting process, we are required to split our workforce into four groups based on pay, showing the proportion of male and female colleagues in each quartile as follows.

Lower Quartile

Female 53.8%
Male 46.2%

Lower Middle Quartile

Female 53.8%
Male 46.2%

Upper Middle Quartile

Female 46.9%
Male 53.1%

Upper Quartile

Female 20.0%
Male 80.0%

I confirm that the information and data reported above is accurate as of the snapshot date of 5 April 2022.

RM Goatham
Managing Director
5 April 2022