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Sustainability is at the core of our business. It’s been that way for more than 75 years. We have stayed local, trialled new ways of working and invested in new technology. Our focus is on ensuring that we leave a positive legacy the next generation can be proud of.

Saving water.

We collect and store rainwater in our own reservoirs so that we don’t have to use any tap water to irrigate our orchards. By using the most advanced and efficient watering techniques we are able to reduce water usage.

Soil probes measure water content in our orchards, so that when a tree needs more water, a message is sent to our unique computer monitoring system.  It means we only direct water to the roots of a tree when it’s needed, helping to maximise efficiency.

Using less energy.

As a business, we are committed to reducing our energy usage and switching to sustainable, renewable energy. We’re currently installing solar panels on the roofs of all our buildings to harness the power of the sun and swapping traditional lighting for LED lighting wherever we can – LED lights are 80% more efficient.

In recent years, we’ve invested in overhauling our old cold storage systems. Our new cold stores use 85-90% less refrigeration gases – a big win for the environment and all part of our ongoing mission to do all we can, wherever possible, to reduce our climate footprint.

Recycling waste.

We recycle all of the waste cardboard, plastic and wood that we can. We’re always looking for ways to increase this further, investing in new systems designed to recycle, reuse or sustainably dispose of waste materials.

Like all growers, we have apples and pears each season that don’t make the packing grade – but they don’t go to waste. Instead, we send these away to be used for bio-fuel, making green, renewable energy.

Encouraging wildlife.

We work hard to encourage helpful bees and insects, including solitary bees who nest in our orchard bee hotels. They play an important role, so it’s the least we could do. We also plant trees and miles of natural hedging to protect our orchards from the wind and to provide habitats for wildlife.

We also leave weeds to grow where they are. This is not only useful for insects but provides natural pest control. Any waste apples that drop to the orchard floor provide great sources of nutrition for the insects, birds and mammals that we share our orchards with.

Fertile soil.

We use a range of technology such as satellite mapping and regular testing to make sure we only use fertilisers where they are needed. Thanks to these innovations, we’ve been able to halve the amount we use in our orchards, helping to maintain the natural equilibrium of the countryside.


As long as the weather is warm enough for helpful bugs and bees, we encourage the growth of natural flowers amongst the trees in our orchards. Our flowering orchards are attractive both to the human eye and to Mother Nature. The flowers provide nectar to feed passing insects, sustaining a community that helps to preserve the natural balance for the lifespan of the orchard. Our network of bee hotels also encourages these busy little pollinators to thrive.

It's all part of what we do year after year when growing our apples and pears, when meeting demand from across the nation for that perfect healthy crunch - delivering our fruit in the most sustainable way we can.