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Best Quality.

Across three generations of British fruit growers, we have always kept our standards high.

The results speak for themselves. We are always striving to improve on perfection using data and the latest technology in quality control, storage and packaging – all to bring the best of British apples and pears to your kitchen.

Hand picked.

Hand picked at harvest time, gently handled by our teams of pickers and put into cold storage as quickly as possible. No fuss, just a simple recipe for ensuring our fruit arrives in perfect condition, every time.  It’s the personal touches on which we’ve built our success for generations.

Gently bobbed.

Apple bobbing on a giant scale. Our pre grading machines use water to help move millions and millions of apples each year with clever cameras taking 20 images of each piece of fruit. These check from every angle that our apples are in the very best condition for you to enjoy.

That's a wrap.

Our state of the art packing and flowrap lines capture all of that Goatham’s goodness, whatever the variety or size into packs (or loose, if you like to choose your own) ready for our customers. We are also continuing to explore ways we can be more sustainable and reduce our use of plastic.

Peak condition.

At every step, from orchard to supermarket shelf, we keep all of our apples and pears in peak condition. And if you can’t wait a second longer, you can enjoy our apples straight from the bag or our ripe and ready pears. A fresh and healthy snack ready to eat.