Quality first.

The standards that we set and follow are our very own, perfected to care for the taste of our fruit. Defined by our Grandfather and honed over time, they form the mantra that sustains our trusted family of apple pruners, pickers and polishers.

Only hand picking is good enough and we pack into crates deliberately sized to nestle our fruit without crushing the layers below. We handle the fruit gently and as little as possible to ensure it arrives in perfect condition.

On any morning we move nearly seventy thousand perfect apples to prepare them for our supermarket client. We use water to gently bob all our apples to our hand packing team.

We like to keep things simple, that in itself is a small obsession.

Our state of the art facilities for checking and packing our fruit is testament to our quest for quality and our belief that technology does have a home at Goatham's. This facility was a cornerstone of our rolling twenty year planning and we were in no hurry during the eight years that it took to meticulously plan every last detail.

We cold store our apples and pears to keep them in peak condition until they are ready for eating. Our own little 'solar orchard' harnesses sunlight to power all of our storage and packing facilities.

Every single piece of fruit is photographed 60 times in a second.

This was Ross' idea to help guarantee that every one of Goatham's apples and pears is as tasty and as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside.