Recruitment of staff by AC Goatham & Son is, on occasion, outsourced to agencies. If you are applying for work via this website then no agency should be involved in the application.

If you apply via this website, with the help of an agency, and are given guarantees of work and/or contracts before arrival, the contract will not be upheld.

We do work with agencies such as Concordia, who also outsource recruitment. If you have applied for work with AC Goatham & Son via an agency and are unsure if it is legitimate, please contact Concordia ( who will verify the agency for you.

Privacy Policy

The company shall be permitted to collect, retain and process information about you, such as your age, gender, etc this information shall be used in relation to your application and employment, whether it be past, current or future. This information will be protected by Internal Data Controller, and only accessed by those who are instructed to handle information with confidentiality. Should you wish to have your information destroyed, you may contact us by email at at any time, to make such a request.

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