Welcome to our countryside.

Our trusted team are kept very busy tending our orchards across 25 farms. It's a good thing that we are all early risers; over two million trees demand constant care and attention throughout the year. We have to be flexible and adaptable to these needs by monitoring the weather and the changing situation for each and every tree.

Sustainability is everything.

Monitoring is the key to sustainable management of our natural resources, and we like to do things a little differently. 

(Excuse the brief lapse into jargon, but this is an important point). We have developed a system to constantly monitor sixty core soil samples per hectare, a first. 

Why? Simply because it allows us to be more attentive to the smallest detail of every orchard, of every tree and ultimately every apple or pear.

As long as the weather is warm enough for helpful bugs and bees, we encourage the growth of natural flowers amongst the trees in our orchards. Our flowering orchards are attractive to the human eye and to Mother Nature. The flowers provide nectar to feed passing insects, sustaining a community that helps to preserve the natural balance for the lifespan of the orchard.

Another innovation saw us establish a network of bee hotels, encouraging these critical little critters to thrive.

Our commercial orchards work hard, growing more fruit per acre from less land than previous generations, to help feed a growing nation. We have invested in and planted over two million new trees over the last several years, a living tribute to the vision of our Grandfather, Arthur and helping to deliver Clive’s vision for the future of fruit production here in Great Britain.