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Meet Darren Wallis, AC Goatham and Sons Technical Manager.

Darren has been part of the ACG team for more than 10 years!

His key responsibilities are pre-harvest fruit quality testing, storage potential sampling, maturity testing, providing orchard information for harvest and crop estimates, post-harvest store monitoring, assisting other members of our technical team, working with our partner growers, food safety compliance, residue testing, wastewater, and irrigation water testing and recording, chemical shed audits, Environment agency licenses, and permits and providing key information to assist the Cirrus team.

We asked Darren what attracted him to work for ACG to which he said, ‘I have enjoyed working in fruit farming for over 30 years and feel ACG is a well-run company, managed and staffed by knowledgeable people in all areas making it a pleasure whatever the workday brings. Working here is a step up for me to continue working in the top fruit industry and learn new skills.

Darren has two grown-up children and has always been a super keen fisherman.

We simply could not be more proud of each and every member of our team, and the hard work and commitment they show every day.