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Meet Steve Barwick, AC Goatham & Sons Commercial Director.

Steve has been part of the ACG team for more than 2 years! His key responsibilities are the development and implementation of strategic and commercial plans for the company’s future (ST/MT/LT), with a core focus on business sales and service retention, optimising growth opportunities, and strong customer relations.

We asked Steve what attracted him to work for ACG to which he said, ‘Ross Goatham’s summary of the business initially attracted my interest. I thoroughly enjoy working with the people that make this company what it is today.’

Steve is happily married to his wife Jane and they have three children: Amy (6), Harry (5), and Chloe (3). Steve added that before Amy, they enjoyed travelling the world and had a great many hobbies!!

We simply could not be more proud of each and every member of our team, the hard work and commitment they show every day.