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Meet Esther Harvey, AC Goatham and Sons Technical Coordinator.

Esther has been part of the ACG team for more than 7 years!

Her key responsibilities are maturity testing and supporting harvest supervisors during harvest. Dry matter sampling pre-harvest. Liaising with our partner growers throughout the year. Store monitoring the majority of the year whilst we have fruit in storage. Sampling the pack houses for micros, QACs, chlorates, and yeast + moulds. Sampling fruit during harvest for pesticide residues, and also sampling all of our water being utilised across our sites, and in turn, liaising with the environment agency. Plus much much more…

We asked Esther what attracted her to work for ACG to which she said, ‘I grew up on the edge of a sheep farm and knew I wanted to work in the farming industry. ACG has supported me to get my horticulture diplomas through my apprenticeship and I never left!’

In Esther’s spare time she is a super keen gardener and has a beautiful cat called Pip who she would never have had if not for working at ACG (thanks Nicky!)

We simply could not be more proud of each and every member of our team, the hard work and commitment they show every day.