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New British Conference pear trees in Sittingbourne

Our production team have been busy planting new British Conference pear trees at Swanton farm, Sittingbourne.

The team led by our Director of Farming Peter Bukowski have planted the British Conference pear trees by hand.

The new orchards will be completed in the New Year with pollinator trees.  These are planted at regular intervals along each row and they help to encourage bees and beneficial pollinating insects into the orchards, which in turn help to pollinate the blossom in the Spring.

Peter Bukowski comments: “I’m very proud of the fantastic work by our dedicated wire work team, they managed to put up just over 512k bamboo canes. There is no one in the industry who would come close to that achievement. My sincere thanks to all those guys involved, no doubting the fact they have worked extremely hard.”

New orchards are planted throughout the Winter months once harvesting has finished and whilst the trees are dormant.