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New and old.

As spring has finally arrived and we are surrounded by beautiful frothy white pear blossom you may wonder how fruit orchards have changed in recent years?

In days gone by there was a saying “plant pears for heirs” because it would take a considerable number of years – perhaps nearly a generation for a tree to fully mature and grow the largest amount of fruit.

With the modern planting scheme we have invested in across our orchards, we grow more trees on the same amount of land and they grow taller using our frame support system. This also helps to produce a better-looking pear as the fruit is able to hang down and be free from rubbing on the branches. The trees will also produce more pears more quickly, as they put their energy into growing the fruit rather than growing a larger tree.

We are really proud of our award-winning Conference Pear orchards such as this one at Elmstone, East Kent. Look out for our British Conference pears when you are shopping from September onwards.