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Lady Gala joins the fleet.

We have expanded our fleet of articulated lorries with the addition of three new vehicles, named Lady Gala, Mia Malus and Bernard Bramley. 

The other lorries in the fleet of 12 include Arthur Apple, Fuji Fighter, Maximus Spartan, Russet Crow, Elvis Pearsley, Newton’s Discovery, Red Rubens Barrichello and Core’tney Cox, Zari Ferrari, Steven Spartan, and Katy Peary. The distinctive red lorry cabs proudly display their names above the driver’s door.

AC Goatham & Son Partner, Steve Everard, comments: “Our busy lorries are a regular sight across the country as they deliver to our customer’s depots, so it is nice to give them all a name for people to recognise. At this time of year with the apple and pear harvest well under way, our fleet will be making hundreds of collections and deliveries as we hurry to gather the harvest in and get our great British apples out to supermarkets for people to enjoy.”