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Harvest 2016 begins.

It takes about 10 weeks of very hard work across the whole team to gather in our harvest of delicious apples and pears, which begins with the harvest of early varieties such as Discovery and Zari. Picking should begin at our orchards at Sutton Valence, south of Maidstone first, then spreading across Kent and Medway. The unique local micro-climates in the county mean some orchards ripen very slightly later than others. We are keeping a very close eye on all of our trees across our 17 orchards, so we can be sure we begin picking at just the right moment. The fruit is taken immediately to cold storage and then will be hitting the supermarket shelves in the next couple of weeks.

Time to enjoy British apples and pears while they are in season, which thanks to our cold storage technology will last until June 2017.