Enjoy the best of British Conference Pears for longer.

This year British Conference Pears will be available in store for consumers to enjoy for the longest period ever, thanks to new cold storage technology and also new orchards which have been planted. Ross Goatham comments: "Growers from Holland and Belgium have their conference pears available for 11-12 months of the year, whilst here in the UK, we have typically only had at best 6 months supply. This has mainly been due to the industry wide lack of investment in conference pears and the poorer yields growers have tended to get."

"We here at AC Goatham & Son have developed a new growing system for British Conference Pears and are continuing planting the largest volume of conference pear orchards in the UK for the last 40 years. We are now seeing comparable tonnages per hectare to the Dutch growers and we are beginning to have the volume of home grown fruit to allow us to extend the season for British Conference Pears."