Avocado and apple salad.

A simple and fresh tasting salad using our delicious British Royal Gala apples.




350g rocket leaves washed and trimmed

400g fresh broad beans in the pod

1 x British Royal Gala apple, cored and cut into thin matchsticks

50g fresh mint leaves, finely sliced

50g mixed pumpkin and sunflower seeds, toasted

1 x ripe avocado, seed removed and thinly sliced

Salt and ground black pepper



2 x teaspoons dijon mustard

100ml extra virgin olive oil

Juice of a freshly squeezed lime

2 x teaspoons cider vinegar



Remove the broad beans from their pods and boil for two minutes in lightly salted water, drain and run under cold water.

In a large mixing bowl toss together the rocket leaves, cooled broad beans, apple, mint and seeds, then drizzle with dressing. Place in a serving bowl, top with avocado and season with sea salt and black pepper and serve.