Summer Goodness.

Our Goatham's Goodness taste series looks at local and the benefits of eating in tune with the British seasons. Eating seasonal means eating fresh and that means the food you're eating has higher nutritional content.

Easy apple muffins.

June flavours.

Health study findings.

Pear Tarte Tatin.

May flavours.

How wartime service made Goatham’s

Eat well.

Banana and apple loaf.

April flavours.

Broccoli and pear soup.

March flavours.

Need for seasonal workforce.

February flavours.

Fruit Logistica 2020

Conference Pear and blue cheese salad.

January flavours.

Spicy apple jelly.

December flavours.

Winter warmer.

November flavours.

Tree planting.

GGKCR 2020.

Medway Pride.

Vote for the tastes of Kent.

Flanders Pink™.

Apple and beetroot salad.

October flavours.

Delivering a perfect bite every time.

Pear chutney.

September flavours.

Orchard competition success.

Kent leads the way with apples and pears.

Roasted Bramley apples with figs.

August flavours.

Cycling challenge.

Farm walk.

Agricare donation.

Avocado and apple salad.

July flavours.


Inspirational winners.

Show stopper.

New tractors.

Waldorf salad.

Delicious flavours of June.

Tasty apple and carrot soup.

The delicious flavours of May.

Fresh flavours of April.

Summer kebabs.

Cycle 4 Heroes.

Future of food.

Taste of Kent winners.

Fresh careers.

Packed full of vitamins.

Promotion news.

Warm kale and apple salad.

Fresh flavours of March.

Fruit Logistica.

Winter bake.

Fresh in February.

On the twelfth day of Christmas.

On the eleventh day of Christmas.

Pride in Medway 2019.

City Food Lecture 2019.

Goatham's Great Kent Cycle Ride 2019

On the tenth day of Christmas.

Winter pear and beetroot salad.

What to eat in January.

On the ninth day of Christmas.

On the eighth day of Christmas.

On the seventh day of Christmas.

On the sixth day of Christmas.

On the fifth day of Christmas.

On the fourth day of Christmas.

On the third day of Christmas.

On the second day of Christmas.

On the first day of Christmas.

Countdown to Christmas Day 24.

Countdown to Christmas Day 23.

Countdown to Christmas Day 22.

Countdown to Christmas Day 21.

Countdown to Christmas Day 20.

Countdown to Christmas Day 19.

Countdown to Christmas Day 18.

220,000 new trees planted.

Countdown to Christmas Day 17.

Countdown to Christmas Day 16.

Countdown to Christmas Day 15.

Countdown to Christmas Day 14.

Countdown to Christmas Day 13.

Countdown to Christmas Day 12.

Countdown to Christmas Day 11.

Countdown to Christmas Day 10.

Countdown to Christmas Day 9.

countdown to Christmas Day 8.

Countdown to Christmas Day 7.

Countdown to Christmas Day 6.

Countdown to Christmas Day 5.

Countdown to Christmas Day 4.

Countdown to Christmas Day 3.

Countdown to Christmas Day 2.

The delicious flavours of November.

Christmas lunch.

The delicious flavours of December.

Easy apple strudel.

Countdown to Christmas.

Harvest time.

Parsnip and apple soup.

Tasty flavours of October.

Tasty flavours of September.

Apple, pear and spinach salad.

New coldstore.

Dame Kelly Holmes leads cyclists on GGKCR2018

Breakfast yogurt with apples and walnuts.

The tasty flavours of August.

June drop.

Investment in greater automation.

The delicious flavours of July.

Delicious green summer salad.

The delicious flavours of June.

Taste of Kent Award winners 2018.

Chicken and Bramley apple curry.

The tasty flavours of May.

New and old.

Helpful habitats.

Environment awareness.

Pear crumble.

The tasty flavours of April.

City Food Lecture 2018.

Turkey and apple burgers.

A taste of March.

Goatham's snow patrol to the rescue.

Bramley apple and celeriac soup.

The tasty flavours of February.

Pork and Bramley meatballs.

A taste of January.

Merry Christmas.

Just chillin’.

Local seasonal jobs.

The City Food Lecture 2018.

GGKCR 2018.

Two million new trees.

Poached pears.

The tasty flavours of December.

Royal visit.

The tasty flavours of November.

Bramley apple upside down cake.

Winning Cameo apples.

Winner Specialist Crop Producer 2017.

Thank you to our seasonal team.

Big is beautiful.

Sponsors Pride in Medway 2018.

We are growing.

Spiced carrot, Bramley apple and lentil soup.

The tasty flavours of October.

Bramley and blackberry cake.

The delicious flavours of September.

Sweetcorn Chowder.

Cycling for heroes 2017.

Harvest 2017 begins.

Award winning orchards.

Farmers Weekly Awards 2017.

The Flavours of August.

Kent Literacy Awards Winners.

70th Anniversary celebrations.

Summer side salad.

The Flavours of July.

Finalists KEIBA 2017.

Best for Innovation.

Crab salad.

The Flavours of June.

Supporting Hoo Primary School.

Spring herb soup.

Orchard activity.

The Flavours of May.

Cycling the length of Britain for Heroes.

Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce Awards.

Kent Literacy Awards.

Pear orchard in full bloom.

70 Years (but who's counting?)

Cycling for Heroes across Kent.

The Taste of Kent Awards 2017

Visit by the Bishop of Rochester

Salmon fillets with spinach

The Flavours of April.

The Flavours of March.

Taste of Spring.

Triple award joy for team.

Winter salad with apple, pomegranate and walnuts.

The Flavours of February.

New beginning for Turkey Hall Farm.

Goatham's Great Kent Cycle Ride Across Kent.

How are the best British apples grown?

Delicious apple strudel.

The flavours of January.

Visit by The Mayor and Mayoress of Medway.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas

Traditional Christmas pudding.

The flavours of December.

Support for the National Fruit Show

A thank you to our local suppliers

Winners Medway Business Awards 2016

The flavours of November.

Grain Peninsula Cycling Club.

Revival for British Conference Pears continues.

Working with local businesses.

Lady Gala joins the fleet.

Smell the latest news.

The flavours of October.

Delicious Kentish cobnut cake and Zari apple compote.

Harvest 2016 in full swing.

Sneak preview of new ad campaign.

Zari apples are back.

Gluten free apple and almond cake.

The Flavours of September.

Delicious Windsor apples now available.

Cyclists complete orchard challenge.

Best orchard of the year Award.

Tour de Pomme.

Harvest 2016 begins.

Pear-fect symmetry.

Tour de Pomme.

Walnut chicken and waldorf salad.

Best orchard award.

The flavours of August.

Support for conservation project.

Bramley and beetroot salad in a honey balsamic vinaigrette.

The flavours of July.

Visit by The Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

Britain's favourite cooking apple.

Wee bugs and beasties.

The modern apple orchard.

Extending the British season for longer.

New packhouse and cold storage building progressing well.

Bramley sorbet with apple crisps.

London Produce Show 2016 Tour.

Working with local schools.

The importance of bees.

Moroccan lamb tajine with pears and aubergine.

The flavours of June.

Open Farm Sunday, 5 June 2016.

Visit by the Weald of Kent Protection Society.

Blossom is here!

Celebrating a lifetime achievement award.

Enjoy the best of British Conference Pears for longer.

An apple a day really does keep the doctor away.

Lamb chops with sauteéd apples.

The future of farming in Medway and Swale.

The flavours of April.

Kale and Apple Salad.

Join our award winning team.

New 175 acre Orchard in Hoo.

Fruit Logistica 2016.

Feeling the chill.

Delicious recipe ideas this winter with Bramley apples.

Proud to be sponsoring the ‘Foodservice Supplier of the Year’ at FPC Freshawards 2016.

Well done Esther!

Bond is back on the big screens, shaken not stirred.

Food Dudes.

A Passion for Growing.

Celebrating three major fresh produce award wins.

Sainsbury's Farming Apprentice.

Warm smoked Mackerel with Bramley winter coleslaw.

The flavours of March.